Motivational Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Painter

Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Painter - Author of Portion Size Me

Motivational Speaker Dr. Jim Painter - Author of Nutrition You Need To Know

Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Painter - Author of The Art of Nutritional Cooking

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Lecture Topics


Length, 1 hour; style, lecture.

Our Newest Lecture - How does excess sugar in your diet HARM your brain?

  1. Sensual Nutrition
    Sensual Nutrition encourages the consumption of the proper portions of nutritious food by transforming the taste, appearance and dining environment. We can do this by using stealthy techniques such as making foods saucy and spicy, creating an appetizing environment and using healthy ingredients.  
  3. Food Psychology: Why We Eat More Than We Think
    This presentation shows that most people are not aware of their volume of food consumption. This lack of awareness may lead to over-consumption. Techniques will be presented that will help consumers be aware of their eating patterns and provide ways to reduce intake.   
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  5. 10 Foods that Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
    Specific foods that will reduce the risk of heart disease will be discussed in this presentation. The quantity of each food that is necessary to provide the benefit will be presented. The phyto-nutrients that are responsible for the health benefits will be demonstrated. 
  7. A Dozen Foods to Add to Your Diet to Reduce the Risk of Cancer
    In this presentation, foods and food components that reduce the risk of the initiation and promotion of cancer will be reviewed. Many foods are known to reduce the risk of initiating of cancer. But there are some foods that effect the promotion of cancer growth once it has been diagnosed. Approximately a dozen foods or components will be discussed.
  9. Portion Size Me
    The session will show excerpts from the documentary, "Portion Size Me," that follows two students eating exclusively fast food for 30 days. It will discuss the increase in the size of food portions over the last two decades and ways that food portions can be controlled. Healthy fast food options will be highlighted.
  11. The Health Benefits of Soy
    In this presentation the origin of the negative perception of soy in the US will be discussed. Participants will learn that the negative perception about soy is very shallow and fluid. Information about the health benefits and proper use of soy will be presented. It will be shown that presenting this information can eliminate the negative perception and increase consumption. 
  13. Herbal Supplements: Which Ones Work and Why
    The effectiveness and safety of the 20 most popular herbal supplements will be reviewed. The supplements and alleged actions that will be reviewed will include Black coosh and menopause symptoms, ginger and digestive disturbances, Saw Palmeto and prostate health, ginsing and energy, glucosamine and joint health.
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  15. Comparing the Weight Loss Diets: The Truth Behind the Hype!
    The popular weight loss diets will be compared, Atkins, South Beach, Pritikin, Ornish, weight watchers and the protein power plan. The theories behind each diet will be explained. The logical application of the theories will be discussed.  
  17. International Food Guides
    In our multicultural society it is of ever increasing importance to understand the food practices of diverse populations and be aware of their corresponding food guidance systems. In this presentation pictorial food guides from 50 countries will be compared to the US Food guide Pyramid. 


Length 1 hour; style, hands on workshop.
  1. Health Benefits of Chocolate/Chocolate Tasting.
    Discover the healthy aspects of chocolate and indicators of nutrient depletion in this rich food and multi-million dollar industry.  During this workshop, participants will find out what to look for on labeling as well as enjoy samples of several types of chocolate.
  2. Developing Nutrition Education Power Point Presentations.
    In this workshop participants will learn how to create enticing nutrition presentations utilizing Power Point. Participants will learn how to add pictures, videos, color and graphics to presentations. The development of animated graphs and charts will be demonstrated. This hands-on training requires a computer laboratory. (max 25)
  4. Making Healthy Food More Enticing Through Garnishing and Napkin Folding
    Preparing healthy foods is of little value if they are never consumed. This workshop focuses on ways to make food look more attractive. Participants will make garnishes, learn napkin folding and make foods more appetizing while at the same time having great fun. (max 25 participants)
  6. The Health Benefits of Wine, Wine Tasting
    This is a fun filled workshop where the health benefits of wine are discussed as wine tasting is being explained and demonstrated. Participants typically taste 4 wines with accompanying foods. (max 50 participants). 

Current Affiliations

The University of Texas
Health Science Center at Houston
Eastern Illinois University
Professor Emeritus at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences